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Our Mission

Some people are natural rate negotiators, have a nose for finding good freight, and have time to put their talents to use. And then there’s everyone else. Many owner operators and small fleets are great at everything that goes into running a trucking business except for finding loads, in which case they better find someone who can do it for them.


There are several advantages to using a dispatching service compared to hiring someone to work for your company. Obviously, $30k-$50k for the average salary of a full time dispatcher is too much for an owner operator and even for some small fleets to take on. There’s also the risk of hiring a bad dispatcher and being stuck with them. With an independent dispatcher, the financial risk is reduced because you’ll only pay a percentage of each load. If the dispatchers don’t book anything, you don’t pay.


Need assistance keeping your truck loaded? Our dispatching services will help you find loads, negotiate rates, and take care of paperwork. 


How we can help

Freight Broker

We work closely with over 750 direct shippers.  WE have load information before they ever hit the LOAD BOARDS.


We have a full dispatching team who do nothing but work for you.  They find the best paying loads.  While you drive to you drop-off destination, they are hard finding you another load before you get there.  YOU APPROVE ALL LOADS YOU HAUL.


We also have our own fleet of trucks.  We are looking for drives to come drive for us.

Fill out our dispatch information package and email it back to us to get started along with a copy of your.  W-9 F0rm, Carrier Authority, and Insurance Policy.

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